Hyperscale Marketing Campaigns across geographies
at lightning speeds

Gauge Artwork Studio is AI-powered and custom-built for large enterprises. It will help marketers to ramp up advertising campaigns across marketing channels. Personalize it. And increase the ROAS.

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How it works

  • Offshore your artwork adaptations across different media and
  • different formats in 21 languages used globally

Some of our clients

Centralized Command and Control Window

Giving users a single point of control for managing and overseeing marketing assets globally. Adaptations to various sizes isn’t expensive anymore.

Global Accessibility

Users from different parts of the world can access the platform, facilitating collaboration and coordination among branch offices.

Marketing Asset Control

Manage and govern the release of assets across different locations.

Campaign Customization

Users can customize advertising campaigns according to the specific requirements of each region or target audience, ensuring flexibility and relevance.

Version Control

Manage and track changes made to marketing assets, ensuring consistency and compliance with brand guidelines.

Avoid Misuse and Stay Secure

Set user permission to regulate access based on roles and responsibilities.

Services offered

1. Ad Adaptations Management
Retail and Outdoor
Video Edits
Image Composition
HTML Landing Pages and Emailers
Corporate/Product Presentations
2. Image Database Management - Built-to-suit