Promoting good business by creating compelling stories
When the world looks up to an enterprise, you can be sure that it is driven by a mission of transformation. That mission is the animating idea that defines the organization, fuels its growth and brings together its varied business functions into a cohesive whole. At Gauge Advertising, we understand that the future-ready enterprise needs to transcend conventional B2B communication when it comes to conveying that mission.

Technology might be the biggest enabler, but Enterprise Marketing itself is embracing a new, values-driven era. It’s what we at Gauge Advertising call the “era of fulfillment”. It’s a new approach to your audience – one in which people are treated not merely as consumers, but unique human beings, with hearts, minds and spirits all of their own. We at Gauge Advertising believe that B2B marketing today is all about creating a compelling story, and narrating it in a way that appeals in a personal way to people – whether they are customers, employees or channel partners.

At Gauge Advertising, we have the creative talent and a track record in flawless execution needed to transform your core idea into a compelling tale. And that’s the reason we call ourselves 'The People Engagement Agency.'


Propagators of the story

Sales is the endpoint of all marketing activity, and marketing communication must necessarily be geared towards supporting sales activity and personnel. B2B sales is a tough job to be in, but salespeople like to win, and any communication directed at them must hinge on this central fact. On the ground, what this means is seller enablement activities and sales events that – apart from the promise of reward - appeals to the sales force personally and motivate them in ways that can make a difference to the bottom line.
At Gauge we have developed a set of processes enabled by technology and personnel that ensures that sellers have access to the right messages, communication tools and information that they need to advance sales, at all times. But equally, we design the marketing kit to ensure that even as they propagate your story in versions of their own, its essence remains the same across seller campaigns.

Channel Partners

Distributors of the story in their own version

A well supported Channel Partner can boost sales like few others can. And good business partner communication can make them more loyal and accountable. At Gauge, we understand that effective communication with your Channel Partners is essential to building and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships in the long-term. In other words, our campaigns take the form of conversations sustained over the long term; conversations that yield mutual business benefits. Gauge offers a comprehensive range of capabilities targeted at business partners, including partner branding, partner events and partner engagement activities.


Empower them to converse - the new way of advertising

The transition from the industrial to the information age, mandated that newly empowered consumers were now in charge of the marketing process, and not merely passive targets for marketing campaigns and promotional events. Not only did they have a far wider array of products and services available, they also began to actively compare them to the point where they defined their value. The customer had become king.
Since then, the growing role of technology and a consumer culture that prized choice and individuality and unwilling to settle for mass produced staples like before, ensured that we moved into a values-driven era. One where consumers demand that they be treated not as passive ‘target audiences’ but as empowered individuals and groups in command of their choices.
At Gauge Advertising, we firmly believe that business communication must now address the whole human being, with a heart and a mind and a spirit that is unique, and whose aspirations and needs can no longer be neglected. Even a casual glance a today’s crowded B2B marketing space reveals that the brands that thrive in it are the brands that fulfill this need. That’s where we – The People Engagement Agency – come in.